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Project Revealed!

So I have been hinting in previous posts about a project that I have been working for several months. Well, I am finally deciding to share. I have always been interested in different crafts and making things since I was young. I have good vision and attention to detail. I have experimented with a multitude of avenues. I have made jewelry throughout the years and decided to start back up again.

Part of the inspiration came from my personal jewelry desires. I wanted specific things that were hard to find, or the things that I wanted seemed overpriced for what I would receive. It crossed my mind that it could be more cost effective to create pieces for myself and try to sell the excess pieces than to spend the money on one overpriced piece.

Part of the inspiration also came from a photographic standpoint. I didn’t see a lot of opportunity to explore environment photography, so I decided to create my own opportunity. I embarked on a new course that I was unfamiliar with, and since I am my own client in this circumstance, I do not have an unnecessary amount of added pressure on my shoulders while I wade through.

So I decided to open an Etsy store! One of my many flaws is that I can just dive right in instead of taking things slowly. I get very excited and have a lot of vision. This resulted in me creating two different lines of jewelry (and some accessories). I photographed most of it and put it online. I had no idea how time consuming and tedious the process would be. Creating the individual listings and figuring out what tags are appropriate for them is almost like an art form in itself. I did not think it would be that demanding. It is also hard for me to casually shoot things and throw them up online without looking them over many times to ensure that I am satisfied with the result. Being a perfectionist can feel like trying to swim through mud.

Each listing should have numerous photographs to show scale, dimension, and any additional facts that should be highlighted about the product. I would still like to fill in the blanks in that area for many of my products. I have more things to photograph, and there are many more things that I would like to create. I would like to include more unique pieces and not ones that seem so standard as I think the majority of my products are at the moment. I think that trying to do a business on the side like this is tough because I can only ever devote some of my *free time* to it (while the rest of my free time is split between my husband, my hedgehog, my family, my love of coffee/sleep, other art forms, Grand Theft Auto 5, laundry, and spontaneous adventures).

I have sold a few things, which is great! I like having this project going because there is no deadline, and I can continually keep adding to it over time. A great aspect of this is to expand my photography skills and portfolio. I do not feel the need to unnecessary shoot every possible thing for my personal work if I am not particularly interested in it. For example, while I sometimes find street photography striking, I am not drawn to it. I do not want to try and force something that seems unnatural. I can grow over time and my interests may fluctuate, but I like the direction I am going now.

Here is a look at part of my Woodlands Collection. These photographs were propped by a friend of mine named Elizabeth. It’s very sweet of her to help me with this project as much as she has. She did a great job, and I love the result. I wanted to approach my nature-inspired collection from a physically darker standpoint than I normally would. I think I was moderately successful in this, and would like to have seen it be more dramatic.

Handmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasionsHandmade jewelry for all occasions


I love the images as photographs. But to advertise the earrings as the product itself, the proportion of earrings to image should change. They are the main focal point which is unmistakable, but in order to capture the lovely environment setup, I pulled back, which I should in a sense do the opposite for to make it solely about the product. These are things that I can keep in mind moving forward. I think the images aside from the scale are beautiful. I am very blessed to have people in my life that are willing to support me and help me along my various journeys!

I will share more from my jewelry collections and reveal additional information about my Etsy shop in upcoming posts!



AotA – T2 – Video

I asked my husband if he could make a video for me this year like he did last year, so he did. He is so sweet! Take a look below!


This video makes me smile. I forgot all about the guy that was playing guitar and singing “Johnny B. Goode.” I asked him if he could sing “You Never Can Tell” and he did! It was awesome! I definitely love that song.

I think my husband and I compliment each other in many ways. I’m glad that I can express myself with photography, and he can do the same with video. I love being with someone that can express themselves in another creative field.

Art on the Avenue – Take Two

I participated in this year’s Art on the Avenue for the second time, which is an art show where artists can sell their work, win awards, and get the chance to expose their artwork to an audience that may not have otherwise seen it.

It was a great day; the weather was much better than last year’s, but it was a bit too hot and sunny. People walk by with their families as they normally would on weekends, and others come to visit the event. A bunch of my friends came out to support me, review my work, and even bought some pieces! It was extremely sweet of them. One of my pieces was even nominated to the winner’s circle! Unfortunately, I did not win anything. The interesting part about that, was the piece that was selected was one that I displayed last year as well, and it went by unnoticed by the judges.

I tried a different approach this year, by making my work available in different sizes and price ranges. Even though the weather was great, my friends visited, and I was nominated for possibly getting an award, I was no more successful in selling artwork this year than I was last year. The event itself does not seem extremely successful hearing the feedback from other artists. It can be very stressful, some of which I do to myself, to prepare for the event. I believe that I will not do the event in the future. It is nice to get exposure, but it seems like a tremendous amount of work, and a lot to be left over with. I may have done better with jewelry. Hm, that’s a thought…

Take a look at my work in the show below!



My darling husband stood outside and tried to be my salesman again this year, and he got beat up by the sun. That’s one way you can see love!

( I have since cut my hair. I may cut it again, who knows! =O )

More adventures to come!


This is a lovely morning. I just made myself a lazy latte. It’s a drink I make often (and named, I suppose) which contains about 20% coffee, and the rest is milk, usually soy in my case. I do have a handheld frother which I sometimes use. Yesterday I paired my lazy latte with some pizza for breakfast (a rare but magical meal!), and maybe today I will do the same.

Speaking of pizza, last weekend my husband and I surprisingly went into New York City (I’ve never really been a fan…). We went to the area he is most familiar with; Brooklyn. He has been working and commuting there by car for the past several years from New Jersey (I know, right?) but never really takes the time to explore outside of a car. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. We should’ve brought tripods since it was getting late, but honestly, sometimes it’s more about spending time with each other and trying different things.

We found the entrance to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and took some pictures of the skyline and surrounding lights, benches, and sculptures. We experimented with long exposures and extremely high ISO/film speed. It’s fun to just explore and not feel pressured to perform a certain way. My father told me when I was studying photography in high school, that if you get one good image from a roll of film, that’s good! That’s something I often remember. Sometimes it’s good to keep that in mind instead of trying to force things.

I love being able to share something that I am passionate about with my husband. It’s great that he can see my growth in photography and be able to recognize it, and I love seeing his growth in both photography and video (Steven Spielberg, watch out!).


It was getting dark and chilly by the water, so we got in the car, which was parked nearby. It seemed like a miracle to find a parking spot in the city, right on the street we were going to! I really wanted to try some Brooklyn pizza. All of the pizza places that my husband and I have tried in our town are so extremely disappointing. I am well aware that I have to venture elsewhere for some good slices. “What would be open now?” my husband asked. Well, with the trusty Yelp app and my phone’s location services, we were able to find a place within a few minutes; Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn. The first time we looked for it, we passed it by accident. It was so dimly-lit with no illuminated sign out front. We did a lap and we were able to find another parking spot in front of a broken fire hydrant (does this count?).

They didn’t have single slices available, so we ordered a small Margherita pizza since that is the type that one of my friends always gets in Jersey during lunch. We hung out in the car and this sweet girl that worked inside brought it out to us. How surprising is that! We shared the pizza, and I have to say, that must be the best pizza that I’ve ever had! Keeping in mind that I am from New Jersey, this may be common place in the city. I have had pizza in Chelsea before and it was good, but not to this level! This pizza had a thin crust and it wasn’t soggy or pouring out oil; just amazing. It was apparently brick oven pizza! I’ve been craving it ever since. We might just need to go back to Brooklyn to get some more!


By the sea

I’ve always been interested in crafts of different varieties, so I decided to make something for Mother’s Day. I made jewelry for my mum with sea glass picked from a shore in Maine. I thought this would be more meaningful than man-made sea glass/tumbled glass. My mother absolutely loves the beach! I picked out similar sizes for the earrings and tried to compliment them with a larger pendant. They are the perfect color of sea foam.  I have never been a fan of the beach, but there is nothing that really compares to the beauty and individuality of sea glass and driftwood. I think it came out really nice, and I was able to have some fun taking pictures of it! Check it out!


I love the ability to express myself in different art forms and not just be limited to one avenue. Perhaps I will make some similar styles in the near future!


I’ve always felt like not having enough free time was a bad thing. But recently, I’ve started to realize that it’s a good thing. I am immersed in photography in my professional and personal life. I’m surrounded by other artists; some so talented that it drips off of them on whatever they touch. I get to explore other areas of creativity. It’s when you are sitting around and you can’t figure what the heck you should be doing, that’s a problem. But being busy is a GOOD thing!

Speaking of which, I have been dedicating much of my time recently to a project that I am really excited about. It is challenging me in several ways. More on that when I am further along in the process, which hopefully is sooner rather than later!

Aside from that, I have been planning for an upcoming art show. Last year I attended Art on the Avenue in Caldwell, NJ. The weather wasn’t the greatest, neither was my assigned location. We got really great feedback and we even sold some pieces with the help of my super-outgoing and charming husband. It was my first time doing an event like that, so I had no idea what to prepare for. This year, I am going to make a few changes. I plan on experimenting with presentation and scale.


I have also been in the process of changing my hair color. Apparently a good hairdresser is hard to find, so it’s been a very frustrating challenge. I’m trying not to feel discouraged about it. It’s tough when your expectations are not met (especially when the results are horrendous). But it’s just another phase of life.

I really enjoy blogging. It’s one of my favorite things to work on of my personal work. I am not a particularly gifted writer and don’t always have a lot to write about, but I do enjoy it!

Here are some photographs that I took a little while ago on an adventure with my husband. It started out like many of them do; driving around looking for something interesting. I can be particular about what catches my eye in these circumstances. My husband chose a spot and out we go. It’s good to challenge yourself to find unique ways to look at seemingly un-unique items. I do like the somewhat grungy results!



I can’t wait to write again soon with more adventures!