My husband and I enjoyed the weather this weekend and went on an adventure. Here are some of the things that we came across!

_DSC1333I love the combination of soft focus and light on the rocks.

_DSC1340Found a couple of pay phones. I cannot remember the last time I’ve seen any!

_DSC1464Shooting through the leaves was actually my husbands idea! I’m so proud of him!

_DSC1406_DSC1408I love the way the steeple came out. It’s so grungy. I think I could always use some more grunge in my life!

_DSC1434_DSC1442_DSC1443It was soooo windy out! But I got some nice flower images. There is something so dainty and beautiful about pink flowers.

_DSC1499Stalked this little guy for a while and took a candid portrait! I was surprised I actually got one, he was moving so fast all over the place.

_DSC1516I stumbled upon another bench with a flower bed. I love the combination of colors.

_DSC1538I found the back of this mail truck particularly interesting. It seemed wet from rain but when I got up close, it looked dry. A little odd.

_DSC1592I thought this miniature pen-like graffiti was kind of cute. Small scale artwork. =]


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