The Cold

I was driving today. It had just rained so there were puddles and everything was somewhat gloomy. After I kept driving for a while, I saw frost on people’s lawns. As I drove further and further, there was more snow accumulating. It’s neat to start a journey in one place and a short time later see things you didn’t expect. The weather reminded me of when Lindsey and I were in the park. The sun was starting to go down and so was the temperature. Even in plummeting temperatures, it’s possible to capture a few moments of beauty.11-13-16-linds-54111-13-16-linds-56811-13-16-linds-58811-13-16-linds-61811-13-16-linds-63911-13-16-linds-65311-13-16-linds-67811-13-16-linds-71511-13-16-linds-72611-13-16-linds-74811-13-16-linds-76411-13-16-linds-77411-13-16-linds-783


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