I’ve always felt like not having enough free time was a bad thing. But recently, I’ve started to realize that it’s a good thing. I am immersed in photography in my professional and personal life. I’m surrounded by other artists; some so talented that it drips off of them on whatever they touch. I get to explore other areas of creativity. It’s when you are sitting around and you can’t figure what the heck you should be doing, that’s a problem. But being busy is a GOOD thing!

Speaking of which, I have been dedicating much of my time recently to a project that I am really excited about. It is challenging me in several ways. More on that when I am further along in the process, which hopefully is sooner rather than later!

Aside from that, I have been planning for an upcoming art show. Last year I attended Art on the Avenue in Caldwell, NJ. The weather wasn’t the greatest, neither was my assigned location. We got really great feedback and we even sold some pieces with the help of my super-outgoing and charming husband. It was my first time doing an event like that, so I had no idea what to prepare for. This year, I am going to make a few changes. I plan on experimenting with presentation and scale.


I have also been in the process of changing my hair color. Apparently a good hairdresser is hard to find, so it’s been a very frustrating challenge. I’m trying not to feel discouraged about it. It’s tough when your expectations are not met (especially when the results are horrendous). But it’s just another phase of life.

I really enjoy blogging. It’s one of my favorite things to work on of my personal work. I am not a particularly gifted writer and don’t always have a lot to write about, but I do enjoy it!

Here are some photographs that I took a little while ago on an adventure with my husband. It started out like many of them do; driving around looking for something interesting. I can be particular about what catches my eye in these circumstances. My husband chose a spot and out we go. It’s good to challenge yourself to find unique ways to look at seemingly un-unique items. I do like the somewhat grungy results!



I can’t wait to write again soon with more adventures!


One thought on “Time

  1. Don Blomberg

    Absolutely wonderful post! I love the text and I love the photos. Also, I was fascinated by the title of your blog: Time. You may find this hard to believe, but, about a month ago, it dawned on me that it would an interesting challenge for me to combine two of my passions: photography and my ongoing writing efforts on the subject of Time. In other words, shoot photos on the subject of Time. Granted, I have not been very prolific in either of these two areas, so I thought that the “challenge” might be motivational. As yet, I have not proceeded on this endeavor.

    You mentioned a project that you are dedicating much of your time on. Is it possible that you are also “focusing in” on the subject of Time? If so, what a Hugh coincidence that would be. Either way, I would be very interested to know what your project is. Can you share it yet?



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